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  Hirokatsu Yoshihara
Teaching Area - Greek, New Testament Exegesis, English

B.A. (Education-Japanes Language Pedagogy), Hiroshima University, Japan (1991)
M.A. (Japanese Studies-Modern Japanese Linguistics), Osaka University, Japan (1997)
M.A. (Theology) Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines (2005)
M.Div, Asia Pacific Theological Seminary, Baguio City, Philippines (2005)
Contact Information
Ministerial Background
Before coming to the Philippines for his seminary education at APTS, Hiro had a various professional experiences. After finishing his B.A. studies, he worked as an English instructor at a nationwide private English conversation school in Japan.  He taught English and Japanese and was eventually in charge of curriculum development and sales of corporate lesson packages.

In 2007, Hiro finished his M.A. in linguistics. During this period, he also part-time taught Japanese language pedagogy and linguistics at a private school that trained Japanese language teachers in the context of "TJFOL", teaching Japanese as a foreign language, so to speak, parallel to TESOL.

After his graduate education, he translated numerous Christian books and articles while working as a part-time reporter for a Japanese Christian newspaper. Some major books translated are: "Anderson", "Quarles and Quarles", Freedom from Addiction", "Blumhoffer", "The Assemblies of God - A Popular History", "Bonke", "Faith", "Cho", "Solving Life's Problems", Howard, "The Judgment Seat of Christ", "Kenoly and Bernal", "Lift Him Up", "Stafford", "Sexual Chaos". He was also a long-time translator of a sermon series by David Wilkerson.

While studying at APTS from 2000, Hiro was invited to teach Biblical Greek courses at the Seminary in 2001, which continued for six years. He was also involved in ministry to assist pioneer churches in the countryside of Northern Philippines, especially in mountainous areas. All of them worked for him to be a fully-appointed missionary from the Japan AG in 2005.

Since then, Hiro served as assistant to the Dean off Students and Impact Ministry coordinator at APTS while continuing his ministries for local churches. He is currently in charge of the English program mainly for pre-APTS students and SIl trainees for Bible translation. He is also in charge of some subjects and the local church practicum of the Missionary Training Institute (MTI).
Areas of Research Interest, Writings and Teaching
Hiro is interested in New Testament Studies, linguistics, language education, church history and historical theology. His focus in New Testament studies is in exegesis and theology of the catholic epistles as well as Greek discourse analysis. In language education, he is interested in reading education and vocabulary education as well as education of academic writing and research methods. In church history and historical theology, he is interested in the history and theology of the Roman Catholic Church.

Hiro continues translation work for Japanese Christian readership especially with textbooks of Bible schools. As a missionary in the northern Philippines, he is learning Ilocano, a lingua francia of the region, and is interested in some tribal languages and cultures, which is connected to and supported by his interests in anthropological linguistics.

Hiro has published some series of popular articles to share some skills in English conversation and some issues on biblical studies, theology and church history with Japanese readership. He is currently teaching reading, writing and vocabulary courses of the APTS-SIL English Language Program.
Family and Personal Interests
Hiro and Miyuki Yoshihara have been married for 20 years. They have one daughter, Eurie. Hiro enjoys playing different kinds of bass guitars in APTS worship teams with different musical approaches. In his free time, he loves learning classic and modern languages, too. He also enjoys driving his new SUV, a great and helpful provision from the Japan AG for their missionary activities in the Philippines.