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  Academic programs

The purpose of the various academic programs is that upon completion of study, students will:
  1. Exhibit a maturing Christ-like lifestyle in their personal walk with God.
  2. Be committed to basic Christian values, which include an appreciation for, and exercise of, traditional Pentecostal beliefs.
  3. Utilize basic disciplines and methodologies of biblical study so that they may be continually applied throughout their ministries.
  4. Seek to bring together the best in academic understanding and spiritual sensitivity, without compromising either, for the purpose of building the church and the Kingdom of God.
  5. Manifest skills in preaching, teaching, administrating, counseling, worship, evangelism, and missions to equip the saints for their ministries.
  6. Demonstrate sensitivity in communicating the principles of the Christian message and in their application in different cultural settings.
  7. Demonstrate a commitment to the Great Commission in their lives and ministries.

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