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  Asia Pacific Research Center

The Asia Pacific Research Center (APRC) is developing an archive by which to study Pentecostalism, missions, and church growth within the Asia Pacific Region.


The Asia Pacific Research Center was established in the early 1990’s by the APTS President, William Menzies, with the assistance of Wonsuk Ma and Gary Flokstra, for the purpose of providing an archive by which to study Pentecostalism, Missions and Church Growth within the Asia Pacific Region. As of March 2012, Dr. A. Kay Fountain was appointed as the Director, succeeded by Dr. Teresa Chai in the year 2018.


The center has two long-term objectives for the Asia Pacific region:

  1. To enable the people of Asia to understand and appreciate their Christian and Pentecostal heritage;
  2. To provide tools by which missionaries and ministers can more effectively evangelize and disciple.


The center will emphasize the acquisition of primary sources either in the original languages or in English, of the following:

  1. Pentecostal work and history in the Asia Pacific (e.g., oral histories, photographs, letters/documents, Assemblies of God missionaries and early General Council officers)
  2. Christianity in Asia before 1500 and histories of indigenous works of Christianity since 1500 (will also include primary sources such as 8th-10th-century Christian documents from Turpan China and copies of the Nestorian stone in China)
  3. Ethnographies and contextualized theologies for all people groups of the Asia Pacific region (e.g., cultural and religious studies of all ethnic groups; articles, books and dissertations o outreaches to these groups such as evangelistic and theological works)


The APRC archive now holds varied publications, reports, manuscripts, photos, cassette, video, and VHS tapes, CDs, microfilms, and other media forms on the beginnings of Pentecostal groups in the Asia Pacific and on the history of Christianity in China. The bulk of the holdings are on the history of the Assembly of God. Also included are materials on the history of the Church of God, the Foursquare, and various Charismatic groups. Aside from English, the holdings include publications in Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Mongolian, and Thai.

Missionaries and national leaders with access to these kinds of materials are urged to contact us.

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