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  Distance Learning

Director for Distance Learning

The Extension Program plays an important role in the goal of APTS to offer a world-class ministerial and theological graduate education to Assemblies of God students in Asia Pacific. It allows students throughout Asia and the Pacific to receive their graduate education without leaving their home countries. This means they do not have to withdraw from their ministry for one to three years in order to get their education. This also alleviates the travel and living expenses which would be incurred by coming to the Baguio campus.

Each extension site has an On-Site Representative (OSR) who handles all the logistics at the local site - registration, collecting of tuition, providing for the venue, facilitating the needs of the visiting faculty, etc.

The faculty is comprised of an outstanding group of educators from both the APTS faculty and visiting professors from other locations in Asia and the United States. The visiting faculty teaches with no remuneration but pay their own airfare and expenses. We are so grateful for the sacrificial work of the OSRs and faculty members! Without them this program could not exist.

In the past four years courses have been offered in 11 cities in 8 countries. We currently have sites in seven cities (Bangkok, Thailand; Suva, Fiji; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Manila and Balanga City, Philippines; Yangon, Myanmar; and Northern Asia).

The Extension Program offers tremendous promise for future development as it incorporates on-line elements into the current classroom components and as it expands to new sites throughout Asia and the Pacific.

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