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  Alumni News
Connecting with APTS Alumni . . .

Thanks to some initiatives from a few alumni, there is an APTS facebook group. If you are an APTS alumnus, you may want to check it out. It is an opportunity to re-connect with your alma mater and with your former seminary mates.

Click on the image on the left or visit APTS Facebook Group to register as a member of the APTS group on facebook. You may also want to visit the APTS Facebook Page

"Mini" Graduation (August 29, 2007)
A "mini-graduation" ceremony was held at the GMC Chapel for Sila Mataia from Samoa (ministering in Australia) and Seb Rusholo from Nagaland, India. Sila completed his M.A. in Theology while Seb completed his M.A. in Intercultural Studies. We congratulate them and welcome them into the Alumni fold.
Alumni Gathering in Indonesia (July 2007)

While participating in a Bible School Consultation in SATI, Malang, we were privileged to meet up with our Indonesian alumni. The gentlemen with me in the photo are Rev. Rumkeny and Rev. Seleky (L to R). Both graduated from FEAST ("Far East Advanced School of Theology," before it became known as APTS) a long time ago but continue to be active in Bible School ministry. Pak Rumkeny continues to teach in SATI, Malang while Pak Seleky heads a Bible School in Kalimantan, right in the heart of Borneo Island.

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