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  Investing in Leadership Development
Leadership Development in Strategic Missions Nations

Investing in students

No Servant Denied!

No servant of God will be denied Biblical studies because of lack of money. This noble vision was expressed by a noble APTS student. He is right. Yet the truth is that more than a dozen pastors and students are applying for admission to APTS from 3rd world or developing countries where the average monthly income is a mere $30 to $100. They have no sponsors to underwrite their education. Rejection letters are not easy to write, but they must be sent.

APTS is doing its part to fulfill the vision. Up to 90% of APTS students receive financial assistance of one form or another. Already, there is a tremendous return on investment. There are now over 1,000 APTS alumni serving the cause of the Gospel all over the world. Many of them are serving as key leaders of national churches in the Asia Pacific region.

Tuition/fees/board/room for 12 months costs about $5000 per student. In fact, just 24 persons pledging only $200/month each could provide almost 100% scholarship for a batch of 12 students. There are a variety of meaningful ways you can participate with APTS in making sure that,  “No servant of God will be denied graduate Biblical studies because of money.” 

"Student Aid Fund"

Just click the "Donate" button above and follow the instructions on how to give towards the Student Aid Fund . . . .

Invest directly in a student by contributing to the APTS Student Aid Fund. We have gotten it worked out: all we need is 1,000 of our alumni and supporters give 3,000 pesos (about USD70) each to the Student Aid Fund.

You may also donate using the conventional wire transfer method with the information below:

Asia Pacific Theological Seminary
Bank of the Philippine Islands
US Dollar Savings Account No. 0574-0072-75    (Peso Current Account No. 0571-0168-69)
Routing No. CH 005873
Swift Code  BOPI PHMM
Session Branch, Baguio City 2600

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