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A Brief Write-Up

The so-called “2014 Jubilee Vision” was announced on the 29th of July, 2009 when APTS celebrated its 45th Anniversary. This Vision does not describe or explain everything we do here at APTS. It does not in any way supersede the mission statement found in the Constitution. It also does not mean that we are doing away with the “Vision Statement” approved by the faculty in October 1998 and revised many times over the years.

However, the “2014 Jubilee Vision” draws from the other fuller presentations of our mission and vision and provides a focus for our work over the next 5 years as we approach our Jubilee year in 2014. The Vision is simply a listing of 4 items that we hope to achieve by 2014:

  1. 200 STUDENTS
    We now have just over 100 students registered on our main campus and our aim is for 200. We are however not just going for the numbers. We want to recruit students for their academic potential and their strategic importance for missions. For this reason, we are renewing a previous practise of giving scholarships to the top graduates of all the Assemblies of God Bible colleges in the region.

    To adequately serve 200 students, we estimate that we will need 14 faculty with appropriate terminal degrees. There are now 8 members of our faculty who have doctoral degrees. Another 4 or 5 are in various stages of their doctoral studies. To ensure we reach this target of 14 faculty, we will probably have to recruit at least 5 more who already have their doctoral degrees.

    We already have the land for this facility. It is merely a matter of how to put this land into use as a Prayer Mountain. This will add a needed dimension to the APTS spirituality. APTS should retain the strong Pentecostal emphasis on prayer. The Prayer Mountain will also draw in people who are not usually associated with academics. APTS is not an elitist academic institution but it exists to serve the mission of the Church.

    When this happens, it will probably be the first time that the school will be debt-free. Apart from the necessary financial controls that need to be in place, we will have to work at generating revenue internally. The Global Missions Center (GMC) building can be one of the sources of internal revenue. When we have done all we can internally, we can then raise funds from our partners with a clear conscience.