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What is happening to some of our alumni?


Many APTS students and their families have relatively good experiences while studying here. It is a testament to these students’ experiences that the seminary is starting to see a growth in the attendance of family members of alumni. Four current APTS students are second generation students whose parents studied here at APTS.

For Joy Lausa, coming to APTS had a sense of homecoming as she had spent some of her childhood visiting APTS while her father Pastor Fernando Lausa (’91) studied here. In fact as a child, Joy was dedicated right here at the Hurst Chapel by the former President William Menzies. When Joy first received her call to ministry, she began by first serving the youth ministry in her church. After a while she felt the need for training and discussed this with her father who suggested that she come to APTS. This was actually a confirmation for the leading that she had been sensing from the Lord. Coming to APTS has been a good experience for Joy and as she graduates this March with the Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies she looks forward to what God has in store for her.

When it came to deciding where to go for ministry training, Chatchanin (Prince) Getgaew had two choices - the Assemblies of God Bible College in Singapore and APTS. There were three things that drew him to APTS. First, he was born in Baguio when his father Pastor Chalearm (‘82, ‘92, ‘15) was a student at APTS. Secondly, getting at a scholarship from the Assemblies of God in Thailand and finally the APTS housing facilities made him choose to come to APTS. Coming back to APTS for Prince felt comfortable as it was like coming back home and meeting people who already knew him. Although studying at APTS has had its own challenges as he has had to learn a lot of new things, it has also widened Prince’s biblical worldview.

One of the things that inspired Aya Uchimura to come to APTS was the relationships she saw her parents Tamotsu (‘87, ‘89) and Naoko Uchimura (‘88, ‘89) had built while they pursued their studies here. The Uchimuras had made friends with three other families from the Philippines, Korea and Singapore and every four years these families have a rotational re-union in one of the four countries. This bond of friendship gave Aya a good impression about life and relationships in APTS. The fact that her mother Naoko had studied Christian education at APTS, which is also Aya’s area of interest, coupled with the fact she had lived here before and her love for understanding other cultures were motivating factors to her coming. Even though she was young when they lived in APTS, it was interesting meeting people that had known her as a child and reconnecting with them again. Her experience thus far has been good not only because of what she’s learning in class but also in how God is shaping and molding her personal life.

For most people, a lot is caught more than taught and this was true for Su Mon as she observed her father, Hosea Fish’s (‘03, ‘04) life. Her father’s lifestyle, teaching and his understanding of the Bible influenced her decision to study at APTS. From what she saw she felt that APTS would develop her faith and also enable and empower her to share with others. Initially she took her classes at the APTS extension centers in Myanmar before coming to the APTS campus for her final year. She had her own fair share of challenges during her studies. She lost a lot of friends because they felt that she had become too spiritual since she was in seminary. At one point she suffered from tuberculosis (TB) and she felt really disappointed during this time. Coming to the APTS campus, she failed the English Test and was quite discouraged. But all these challenges did not deter her from her goal – getting ministry training. This determination has borne fruit and she will be graduating with her Master of Divinity in Ministry during this year’s graduation.


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Picture above of Rev. Tamotsu and his wife, Naoko, is taken in Shanghai in January 2013, when he attended a meeting of the APTS Board Exco meeting.

General Secretary of Japan AG M.A.B.S., 1987
M.Div., 1989

B.A.C.E., 1988
M.A.C.E., 1989

Rev. Tamotsu Uchimura was recently elected as the General Secretary of the Japan Assemblies of God (JAG) General Council.

Rev. Tamotsu is the Senior Pastor of New Life Assemblies of God Church in Okinawa. Apart from his work in the local church, he has been heading up the overseas missions work of the JAG for a number of years and has been instrumental in sending out many Japanese missionaries to the field, including those who now serve on the campus of APTS.

He has also been the Japan AG representative on the APTS Board of Directors for many years. He is the current Vice Chairman of the APTS Board of Directors.   

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M.A. in Ministry 2003
M.Div. 2004
Th.M. 2007

M.A. in Ministry  2002
M.Div. 2003
Th.M. 2006

On his way back from making his courtesy call to the US Assemblies of God Headquarters, President Tham Wan & his wife, Moon Tee, took a detour to visit with a couple of alumni. They met at the home of Dr. Todd Labute and his wife Heidi. The Labutes had taught for some years at the APTS Baguio campus. We joined Heidi's family as they celebrated the American Independence Day.

Mung is officially still on APTS faculty development. He is now doing his Ph.D. in Old Testament at the Trinity University, Chcago. He expects to finish his coursework in about 2 to 3 years' time.

Ruben was in the US originally for treatment for his eye. Along the way, he has taught at the Assemblies of God North Central University. When we were there, he was in the midst of he preparations for his wedding. At the time of writing, he is already married to a Ukrainian lady, Irina. Ruben still wants to come back to teach at APTS.

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M.A. in Ministry 2005
M.Div. 2006

The new President of APTS, Yee Tham Wan, and his wife, Ngoh Moon Tee, visited with Rev. Paul Kao and his family when they were in Taiwan in July 2009. (Photo shows Pastor Tham Wan and Moon Tee with the Kao family having lunch at a dumpling shop in Taipei.) Pastor Tham Wan was guest-teaching for the Taipei extension of the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary.

Rev. Paul Kao and his wife, Dorcas and their three sons (often known as the "Kao-boys" when they were on campus) are all doing very well. The boys are now in international school in Keelung near Taipei and speak very good English.

Rev. Kao is a singer-songwriter in Taiwan. He is now working on his third album. His first two albums were very well received in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

He recently taught a course on Praise and Worship at the Bible College of Malaysia.

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M.A. in Ministry 2002

The Seminary Advancement Director, Tham Wan met up with a recent APTS graduate, Joseph Lian. Pastor Lian was on a short visit to Malaysia to minister to the Myanmarese, after attending a seminar in Singapore.

They talked over a breakfast of noodles at a food stall just outside of Kuala Lumpur. Pastor Lian spoke fondly of APTS as they talked about their time together at APTS. He is happy that APTS still has a strong interest in helping develop the ministry in Myanmar.

After graduating from APTS, Pastor Lian had worked as a Youth Pastor in his home church in Kalay City in the North of Myanmar. He is married now with two children, a girl and a boy. His wife is a graduate from the AG Bible College in Kolkata, India. Together, they are pioneering a church in a suburb of Yangon, Yuzana Garden City. The church is named Victory Community Church. The church also runs a pre-school.

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M.A. in Ministry 1992-93


Wife: Daw Nang Hee Nin Sar 
5 children (all daughters)
Entered the ministry in 1984 
1995-99 Senior Pastor, Airport AG Church, Putao, Kachin State 
1995-2005 Principal of "Ice Land Bible School" (short term Bible school) in Putao
1999-2005 Superintendent, AG Airport Section, Putao, Kachin State 
2005-07 Senior Pastor, Emmanuel AG Church, Thida, Myitkyina, Kachin State 
2008-now Secretary, DC (2) AG, Kachin State  

What Rev. Robert has to say about APTS:  
"APTS equipped me with a biblically sound theology. What I learned from APTS is very helpful for my leadership and spiritual development. Also it has strengthened my ability to deal with contemporary issues in my life and ministry."

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