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  Location of the Campus

The 5.6 hectare (10.6 acre) APTS campus is located on a quiet hillside six kilometers (3.5 miles) from the town center of Baguio City, which lies 250 km. (150 miles)north of Manila. Although situated above sea level at 1630 meters (5300 feet) it is just minutes away from schools, churches, and transportation facilities. Baguio City, with a population of 350,000, is served by regular bus service from Manila.  Appropriately called the “ Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of the many tourists who visit the city during the summer season, Baguio City is known for its many colleges and universities, fine restaurants, shopping malls, recreational facilities, and unique local handicrafts. With its generally low crime rate and lack of social disturbances, the area provides a comfortable and secure setting for international students.  The campus itself is secure and well-guarded. Students will find an environment conducive to theological studies in the midst of a cool mountain climate, beautiful surroundings, and a unique intercultural setting.



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