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01-Jun-2007 Media Announcement on the soft launch of this Website
For immediate release. We are glad to announce the soft launch of apts's website at
13-Jun-2007 New School Year Begins for 2007-08
2007 Annual APTS Theme
21-Aug-2007 First Trimester Events
03-Dec-2007 APTS Advent Service
APTS begins Christmas season with Advent service.
27-Nov-2012 Updates From the Registrar
Important Dates
20-Dec-2012 Library News
04-Feb-2013 Annual APTS William Menzies Lectureship
APTS William Menzies Lectureship 21st Anniversary (February 4-8, 2013)
07-Oct-2013 Christian Counseling Program
Crisis Counseling
14-Oct-2013 Missions Convention
Speaker: Rev. Simon Longden (from Pionners Australia)
03-Feb-2014 APTS William Menzies Lectureship
Speaker: Dr. Tim Bulkeley (from New Zealand)
27-Mar-2014 Jubilee Celebrations
Main Speaker: Rev. Prince Guneratnam (from Malaysia)
03-Jul-2014 Spiritual Emphasis Week
Speaker: Dr. Rev. David Crabtree
29-Nov-2014 Unleashing the Potential of your Money: A Christian Perspective of Saving and Investment
Speaker: Bro. Henry Palaca
12-Jan-2015 Annual William Menzies Lectureship
Speaker: Dr. Al Tizon
18-Jan-2016 2016 William Menzies Lectureship
Speaker: Dr. Donald A. Hagner
17-Sep-2016 Lutheran-Pentecostal Dialogue
September 17 - 23, 2016
30-Jan-2017 Annual William Menzies Lectureship
Speaker: Dr. Waldemar Kowalski (January 30-February 3, 2017)

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