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Title: New School Year Begins for 2007-08
Date: 13-Jun-2007
Description: 2007 Annual APTS Theme

We have just finished our graduation exercises and will be welcoming students for the new 2007-2008 school year. The cycle of blessing continues. With over forty years of history and more than one thousand alumni serving the cause of the Gospel around the globe, we can perhaps be counted as one of the premier Pentecostal seminaries in the region.

The year that was proved again that we have a faithful God. There were challenges but God was always there to see us through. We finished the new housing facilities for faculty and broke ground for the new Academic Research Center (ARC). The ARC will provide expanded facilities for the library and archives, as well as a centralized academic and faculty offices. The construction for the ARC is well on its way now.

The 2007 Bible School Conference and the William Menzies Lectureship were again successes. Participants from about 10 different countries in the region participated. The lectures were delivered by Dr. Amos Yong of Regent University.

APTS continues to live up to its motto, "Zeal with Knowledge." Over the summer break, the Global Missions Center (GMC) hosted two "institutes:" Institute for Islamic Studies (IIS) and Missionary Training Institute (MTI). GMC, through its Impact Ministries, also sent out two student mission trips to Indonesia and Palawan.

The new school year will see additions to our faculty as we welcome Dr. Chris Carter and family. We will also be welcoming Dr. Todd LaBute and wife Heidi back from his furlough. There will, as usual, be many guest lecturers who will enhance our faculty and enrich the growth experience of our students.

(You can browse the on-line Courier Magazines for more details of the happenings at APTS.)

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