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Title: APTS Advent Service
Date: 03-Dec-2007
Description: APTS begins Christmas season with Advent service.

The Christmas season begins very early in the Philippines . . . in fact, as soon as the "-ber" months arrive. The "-ber" months are September, October, November and December. As early as September, we will hear Christmas carols in the malls and see roadside vendors selling the famous Filipino Christmas lanterns.
At APTS, Christmas celebrations are often a little muted because it often coincides with the final examinations week for the second trimester. In previous years, we will have a Christmas banquet organized by the Student Council. However, it was decided that we will have a meaningful Advent service instead of a Christmas banquet. So, on December 1, we had a meaningful - albeit simple and "quiet" - evening of carols to mark the Advent season. The President opened the program a short sermonette while the Academic Dean rounded off the event with a brief explanation of Advent. He also lit the Advent candle. The service was followed by a short reception.

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