1st Trimester Announcement

The campus is finally open to students and the public. With the trimester shifting from online to hybrid study mode, several in-campus services have finally opened up. As such, we are currently looking for willing students to fill up and help with some of our campus’ student services.

1. Chapel services

We are currently in need of service leaders (MC) and worship team members. If interested and available, kindly approach or send a message to Chouri (FB Account). 

2. Chalice Team

Working through a series of events for every school year, The Chalice team covers and documents every single event and compiles them into a  yearbook magazine. If you have a background or would like to learn journalism, we are looking for this year’s Chalice Team. If you would like to be a part of this team, kindly approach or send a message to Edz (FB Account)

3. Coffee Bar Opening

The Coffee Bar is now OPEN! We are in need of volunteer staff for our coffee bar. We will be doing this per 1-2hour shift. If you are available, please approach or send a message to Aquila King or any of the SC officers.

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