31st Annual Lectureship: Asian Pentecostalism

This year’s speakers are former APTS faculty and missionaries in the Philippines. Beginning their missionary life in 1979 to 2006,  they engaged in various ministries, including evangelism and church planting among mountain tribal groups and theological education here at the APTS campus. In those 27 years,  they developed a strong sense of “Mission in the Spirit” both practically and theoretically.  

Dr. Wonsuk Ma

Dr. Ma is a Korean Pentecostal scholar who spent most of his career life in four countries. Now at ORU, His desire is to bring together 1) the theological richness of the OT, 2) local theologies of Pentecostalism (as experienced in Asia), 3) the bigger global picture of the Spirit’s work in our time, and 4) God’s unchanging mission in human history.

Dr. Julie Ma - Lectureship Series

Dr. Julie Ma

Dr. Julie Ma is a professor of undergrad theology. Her academic area is intercultural studies and mission. Courses Dr. Ma taught include Cultural Anthropology, Biblical Theological of Mission, Mission Perspective, Contextualization, Folk Religion, Pentecostal Mission and Seminar in Asian Mission.

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