English Language Program

ELP Objective

The overall program objective is for students to attain the level of English competency necessary to perform academic reading, writing, speaking, and listening tasks at a satisfactory level for graduate-level APTS courses.

Eligibility for Regular APTS Courses

The English Language Proficiency test and English student grades in the ELP will determine the eligibility of students for regular APTS classes

English Language Proficiency Test

All new APTS students, regardless of language background, are required to take the APTS English Language Proficiency Test before they enroll in APTS courses. The APTS English Proficiency Test takes into consideration the needs of the academic program at APTS. Students who pass the exam with an average score of 510 or above will be eligible to take a full load of APTS courses. However, if the instructors giving the test see significant writing weaknesses in the essay portion of the exam, students will be required to take one writing course along with their full load of regular classes. Please see the chart below for further information about eligibility to enroll in regular courses. A personal interview will be given in borderline cases to reinforce the test score or confirm the lack of proficiency.

English Proficiency
Average of 510 or above – No English/full academic load
Average of 495 – 509 2 subjects + English (3 hours) Special Student
Average of 480 – 494 1 subject + English (6 hours) Special Student
Average below 480 – Must take ELP Classes

Note: We also accept test results from Duolingo & IELTS

English Language Program Grading System

Students full-time in the ELP program (below of score of 480 on the English proficiency test) who exhibit good study skills and a grade of approximately 90 percent or above in all English courses will be eligible to take one regular APTS course. If available, they will also take an adjunct English course to help enhance their understanding and performance in their first regular course.

If their grades in both English and their regular course are satisfactory, they will be eligible to take 2 regular courses with 1 English course the following trimester. If their grades continue to be satisfactory, they will be eligible to take a full load the trimester after that. Students may also gain eligibility for taking regular courses through retaking the APTS English Proficiency Test, if they prefer, according to Registration department guidelines. Students who enter the ELP program with scores between 480 and 509 will follow a similar procedure.

ELP Faculty

Dickie Hertweck

ELP Director

Jocelyn Green

ELP Teacher

Shannel Hsueh

ELP Teacher


Debbie Johson

Dean of Students

Sherry Benish

ELP Teacher