About the Library

The APTS library currently houses 75,000+ volumes, including print and media holdings, in an open stack system and a reference/study area, which provides 36 open table seats for study, and 24 individual study carrels. Facilities available for student use includes access to online journals, wireless internet access (WIFI – along with most of the campus), 5 computers with 40+ installed software resource packages such as Libronix, logos, encyclopedias, atlases, and digitized reference books.

Through the use of an electronic subscription to EBSCO (including ATLA journals), which consolidates over 20,000 e-journals from major publishers, researchers and students are provided access to thousands of periodical resources on line as well as hard copy journals. Many of the journals go back either on line, or in hard copy for more than 60 years. Access to these periodicals helps keep the library current, especially in the Pentecostal and Charismatic activity of the church as well as in theology, missions, and education. 

The library serves the APTS community with a full-time Seminary Librarian, three full-time staff members, and student assistants. Students interested in learning the overall operations of the library may serve while earning credits toward their degree. The APTS library is a member of the American Theological Library Association (ATLA) and the Philippine Theological Library Association (PTLA), as well as local chapters of the Baguio-Benguet Library Association. We have access to periodical holdings of more than a dozen libraries within the Philippines and limited access to other holdings.The APTS library includes more than 967 dissertations, and over 2000 items in the Vertical File system. We also have access to a large collection of works in Chinese and Korean


STUDENTS: Monday to Saturday

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GUESTS: Monday to Friday

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