Application Process

The application process when applying to APTS follows the process below. For any questions or guidance, please contact our Admissions department.

Choose a Degree

Start off by choosing your desired degree program.

Download Form

Download the application forms listed in the admission requirements for each degree program.

Ministerial Essay

Prepare a 500-600 word essay that includes your ministry experience, visions for ministry, and how the APTS program would help in fulfilling your ministry vision & goals.

Official Transcripts

Ask your previous school to directly send your official transcripts to APTS.

Character References

Get hold of at least five (5) characters references. For credentialed ministers, one must be from the national leadership of the student's denomination.

Time to Send

Be sure to have completed all the admission requirements. Make a quick scan to ensure that the information entered is accurate.


The admissions assistant will notify you of the English and Bible Exam schedules. Please be on campus for these exams.

Learning under professors from different nations is such an inspiration and encouragement.


Arlene Faa’asala, Master of Divinity