Finance Your Study

Financial Aid

 Financial aid is targeted to applicants with limited financial resources that come from less developed countries of greater Asia and/or whose ministries will be in those same countries. Preferences are given to applicants demonstrating leadership and academic scholarship who have an Assembly of God tradition. For most of the aid, students must enroll and receive credit in full time studies of 12 or more hours. Nine (9) hours may be approved by the Registrar or Business Administrator. 

Covered costs include:
1. Tuition for courses taken for credit.
2. Required administrative fees.
3. Room and board based on a single student living in the dorm or the equivalent dollar amount for students living with their family in APTS housing.
4. Practicum taken for degree credit is eligible for discounts.

Student Financial Aid

As a cooperative missionary institution of the Assemblies of God for Asia and Pacific Oceania, APTS attempts to provide a quality education at minimal cost to the student. The fees and charges made by the seminary represent only a fraction of the actual costs to operate the institution. Even though the costs are minimal, the seminary realizes that some qualified students cannot afford them; thus some financial assistance is available through the following discounts, scholarships, and grants.

Students are encouraged to seek sponsorships from their own sources for all or part of their educational expenses. Sponsors should communicate directly with the school to affirm their commitment. Students wishing to be considered for financial aid must submit the student financial aid application. Applications submitted at least 45 days in advance of the term, are given priority.

Below is a brief summary of the aid available and its' eligibility requirements. Some programs have additional specific requirements.

The applicant must:
1. Demonstrate financial need.
2. Fulfill all admissions requirements including passing the English proficiency exam.
3. Be a full-time student (minimum of 9 credit hours per trimester).
4. Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.7 to apply for financial aid.
5. Not be receiving full scholarship.

In all cases, the Student Financial Aid Committee upon review of the application determines the amount of financial aid.

AG & Non AG Minister's Discount

Applicants are to be credentialed and active minister’s serving in an AG church. Covered costs are tuition and administrative fees. This cannot be combined with other scholarships. The student must maintain 3.0 GPA.
PGCAG Filipino AG Pastors - 40% off (50% Effective 2020-2021 SY)
Filipino Non AG Pastors - 20% off

Student Spouse Discount

The spouse of a registered full time student may take, for credit or audit, 1 free course each trimester. Only tuition is covered, the spouse is responsible for all other expenses.

Missionary/Faculty and Family Discount

An AG/APTS missionary or faculty serving full-time at APTS, as well as the spouse or live-in child (ren), are granted 1 free credited APTS course, including any course in the ESL Program, per trimester. The enrollee is responsible for all other expenses of the course.

Work Study Grant

APTS provides a limited amount of on-campus, part-time work study positions for full time students who are in the greatest financial need. Work Study assignments require 132 hours per trimester, $2 per hour, 12 hours a week. The Health Clinic assignment requires 66 hours per trimester, $2 per hour. Work is not required during final exam week. The student must maintain a GPA of 2.7. The funds will be applied directly to the student’s account.

Student Council Award Grant

A grant will be given for each trimester that a student council officer serves. The President receives $250.00, while the Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer each receive $150 credit towards their account.

Teacher’s Assistant Grant

For larger classes (18 students and above), the Academic Dean is authorized to approve a teaching assistant (TA). Students are requested by a professor, and are given $200 for approximately 100 hours of service, per trimester course. The student’s account will be credited and the funds are to be used for fees, tuition, lodging, and/or food services.

Academic Honors Scholarship (Dean’s List)

Students who achieve a 3.7 GPA or above while taking 9 – 12 credits will receive a $105 scholarship and those who achieve a 4.0 GPA while taking 9 – 12 credits will receive a $210 scholarship. These amounts will be applied to their account to be used toward any school expenses.

APTS provides for a variety of student financial aid consistent with its mission and goals.