Special Events

As part of our dedication in molding leaders out of our students. The school prepares a series of spiritual enriching events and fun-filled activities throughout the year. By balancing both academic and extracurricular  events, students get to feed their mind and have the needed rest from their schedules.

New Students Welcome Night

An event that occurs at the beginning of every trimester is the “New Students Welcome Night”. An event faculties, missionaries as well as the APTS community look forward to. The event is celebrated over a hearty dinner followed by an introduction, games, and a prayer toward the new students. The objective of the event is to bond with the new students and have them feel the warmth of being a part of a large family.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Spiritual Emphasis week takes place during the first trimester of the school year. Students and guest are encouraged to gather together for a spirit filled journey of refreshment and of spiritual renewal. The event features a 3 day revival lecture from guest speakers from all over the world. 

Missions Convention Week

Missions Convention is one of the highlights of the second semester as it culminates with International Night. Special speakers are invited to provide a current perspective on missions to serve as a reminder of the pressing urgency of living out the Great Commission. The event lasts for a whole week with speakers coming from all over the world.

International Night

Missions Conventions week is not completed without the International Night, which sees the end of the Missions Convention week. The International Night signifies the official closing of a week filled of spiritual awakening, encouragement and renewed focus. As the curtain closes, the APTS community and visitors feast and celebrate with entertaining performances, great  company, and cuisines from all over the world. 

Annual Lectureship

The William Menzies Annual Lectureship is an important academic event in the school year, normally taking place in January. Noted scholars present lectures on a variety of current topics in theology, biblical studies, missions, and ministry.

Annual School Outing

One of many traditions at APTS is the All School Outing held every third trimester.
Students, families, missionaries, and faculty get to experience fun and games outside of APTS. This year was no exception. The APTS Community packed up for the day’s events, which also welcomed new students that enrolled in the third trimester.

Layla Ahev

Traditionally known as Agape Night, Layla Ahev is the Hebrew translation of a Night of Love. This night is celebrated around Valentines day every year.

The APTS community gathered for an evening of reminiscing of Gods love for each other. A panel of specialists in the field of Love shared their life and personal stories as well as answer questions from students and from those present.

APTS is dedicated to providing both rigorous academic programs and an atmosphere conducive to the spiritual and ministry development of every member of its community.