Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies is a 36-credit graduate degree, and Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies-Islamic Studies Concentration is a 48-credit graduate degree. These degrees are designed to enable individuals in the Asia Pacific region to develop a balanced missions philosophy for effective cross-cultural missionary service, and leadership. They also provide a foundation for pursuing graduate studies beyond the Masters level.


  • 24 credits in Bible/Theology courses
  • 12 credits in Ministry/Mission courses including Evangelism or Church Planting
  • A three-credit mission practicum is strongly recommended (MIS 639).
  • Those holding a Graduate Certificate in Ministerial and Theological
    Studies only need to complete 36 credits for this degree.


Theological StudiesCredits
BIB 528 Hermeneutics3
THE 580 Perspectives in Pentecostalism3
THE 567 Biblical Theology of Missions3
Mission StudiesCredits
MIS 520 Applied Missionary Cultural Anthropology3
MIS 568 History of Missions3
MIS 580 Cross-Cultural Communication3
MIS 510 Perspective in World Missions (Optional)3
One Mission Course3
RES 536 Research Methods I3

RES 537 Reseach Method II - Statistics


RES 538 Research Methods II - Non-Statistics


RES 601 Thesis/Project


Three (3) elective courses from any Theological/Ministerial