Master of Divinity

The Master of Divinity program provides advanced knowledge and training in theological and ministerial studies. It is designed as a “professional” degree for baccalaureate graduates with non-Bible college majors or baccalaureate graduates of Bible colleges who desire a more thorough biblical education at the graduate level. An accelerated degree track is available for students with an appropriate undergraduate degree and sufficient ministry experience. The faculty will review first year Master of Divinity students after completion of approximately 21 credits to determine their continuance in the degree program.


  • At least 36 credits must be completed in residence, including 18 of the last 36; the other 18 may be completed at any time during the program.
  • Twelve of the last 15 credits must be taken with APTS, residence orextension.

*All students with the `approval of their advisor will select the courses of their concentration. With the approval of the Academic Dean, students may construct their own programs in lieu of a concentration.

**For those desiring to write a thesis, the thesis will be taken within their concentration, and Research Methods II (whether Statistics or Non-Statistics) is to be a general elective.

***Waived for students who already hold Master of Intercultural Studies degrees.


Biblical LanguagesCredits
BGR 508 Greek I or BHE 508 Hebrew I3
BGR 509 Greek I or BHE 509 Hebrew II3
BGR 510 Greek I or BHE 510 Hebrew III3
BGR Greek Exegesis or BHE Hebrew Exegesis3
Biblical StudiesCredits
BIB 528 Hermeneutics3
BOT 508 Introduction to Old Testament3
BNT 509 Introduction to New Testament3
Any BTH Course3
Theology and PhilosophyCredits
THE 530 Systematic Theology I3
THE 531 Systematic Theology II3
THE 580 Perspectives in Pentecostalism3
HIS 628 Asian Church History or PEN 598 Issues in Asian Pentecostalism or THE 570 Asian Theological Issues3
Ministerial StudiesCredits
MCC 510 Homiletics3
MCH 510 Foundations for Ministry or MCH 590Q Spiritual Formation or MCH 598 Holy Spirit and Ministry3
MCH 521 Pastoral Counseling3
MCH 530 Foundations of Leadership and Management3
1 Ministry Elective3
Church HistoryCredits
HIS 592 World Church History I or HIS 593 World Church History II3
MIS 510 Perspectives in World Missions3
Research / Field EducationCredits
RES 536 Research Methods 13
FED 700 Field Education6
General ElectivesCredits
Any Course Concentration (Refer below)15
A. Biblical Studies (5 of any BIB, BGR, BHE, BAR, BOT, BNT courses)15
B. Theology (5 of any THE courses)15
C. Missions (5 of any MIS courses)15
D. Ministry (5 of any MCC, MCE, MCH courses)15