Master of Theology

The Master of Theology (MTh) is a postgraduate level program designed to provide quality education and training. The program aims to prepare potential scholars and qualified Christian workers for teaching positions in seminaries and Bible colleges, for pursing doctoral-level studies, and for engaging in reflective research. Therefore, it is academic in orientation, offering students an opportunity for serious and sustained academic engagement while continuing to carry out their normal responsibilities.

Admission Requirements

Course Description

The requirements of the MTh include six independent, tutorial-type courses (six credits each), and the writing of a thesis (12 credits). The six courses focus on a concentrated area of study (students will choose either New Testament, Old Testament, Theological Studies, or Intercultural Studies), with three core courses and three electives. The thesis must be reflective and critical quality writing, researched, and documented according to the guidelines.

Students normally complete the tutorial-type courses over a two-year period, completing the three core courses in the first year and the three electives in the second year. The thesis is then written in the third year. Non-residential students must come to the APTS campus for eight weeks of each year in which they are enrolled in the program. There is also a full-time, residential option, for which students can live on campus for a year or more and concentrate on their research full-time.


3 Core Courses


3 Electives