Degree Programs

GMC Programs


Ministry to Children Asia Pacific (MCAP)

MCAP is a ten-day intensive training program designed to equip key children’s ministry leaders from across the Asia Pacific to teach the next generation to know and put their hope in God.


China Leaders and Workers Training Program (CLWTP)

This program is APTS’ partnership with the Chinese Church that features 3 weeks of intensive training to develop leadership for China. The programs allows 20 student and 70 leaders to study at APTS under a special scholarship.
IIS Class


Conducted for six weeks each year from April through May in cooperation with Global Initiatives and the Center for Ministry to Muslims (CMM) in the USA. Instructors are outstanding Islamic scholars and missionaries from around the world.

Institue of Church Action on Poverty Studies (ICAPS)

Institue of Church Action on Poverty Studies (ICAPS)

The Institute of Church Action on Poverty Studies is a one-week intensive training that empowers community development workers, NGOs, and church approach of ministry toward the transformation of individual and communities.
Asian Institute of Media Ministries (AIMM)

Asian Institute of Media Ministries (AIMM)

AIMM offers 3 different 5-day training programs that can help enhance your ministry through the use of media. The goal of AIMM is to raise our vision, to learn practical 21st-century techniques to expand your ministry and to raise up a new generation of workers who will tell His story with excellence.

Worship Summit

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First Aid Mental Health Conference

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