The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry in Mandarin

The Bachelor of Arts in Ministry in Mandarin is a 120-credit undergraduate degree. It is designed to provide formal biblical, theological and ministerial training for those who are called to enter full time ministry. All the courses offered in this program are taught in Mandarin with the aim to train the future Christian leaders to minister in a Chinese context.


  • Demonstrate a genuine calling and commitment to ministry.
  • Be recommended by three character references.
  • Hold a high school diploma or equivalent to high school diploma.
    Those who do not have high school diploma can be admitted as special
    students under these conditions:
    • 1. 20 years old and above with at least one year training in
      theological training center in China; or
    • 2. 25 years old and above with at least three-year full time ministry


Theological Studies 神學課程Credits
BTHE101 Theology Introduction 神學概論3
BTHE103 Pentecostal Theology 五旬宗信仰神學3
BTHE102 Systematic Theology Introduction 系統神學概論3
BHIS592 Church History 教會歷史3
BHIS104 Chinese Church History 中國教會歷史3
Ministerial Studies 事奉科目Credits
BMCC510 Homiletics 講道法3
BMCH521 Pastoral Ministries 教牧事工3
BMIS101 Missiology Introduction 宣教學概論3
BMCH 535 Church Management 教會管理學3
BMCH112 Principles of Church Growth 教會增長原則3
BMCH537 Evangelism 佈道法3
BMCH102 Spiritual Life Formation 灵命塑造3
BMCH106 Discipleship Training 門徒訓練與栽培3
12 Ministry Electives 12 個事奉科目3
Biblical Studies 聖經課程Credits
BBOT 508 Old Testament Introduction 舊約概論3
BBNT 509 New Testament Introduction 新約概論3
BBOT101 Pentateuch 摩西五經研究3
BBNT101 The Four Gospels 四福音書3
BBNT103 Pauline Epistles 保羅書信研究3
General Electives 30 Credits 選修 30學分Credits
Theological, Biblical / Ministerial Courses 神學、聖經或事奉科30