Graduate Concentration Certificate

Graduate concentration certificates are offered in several subject areas. These graduate certificates require 15 credits and can be pursued as an individual academic award or as a concentration in a degree program. However, no more than two Graduate Concentration Certificates will be awarded to the same student, and a specific course may not be applied to more than one certificate.The student must meet the general admission requirements.


  • Each academic year the required courses for at least one certificate program will be offered. However, due to limitations in faculty and student enrollment, the courses for other certificates may not be available in any given year. Consult the APTS Registrar concerning the schedule of available certificates.
  • The requirements for the M.A. in Ministry degree can be modified to allow a student to complete a certificate as a concentration within the degree. Consult the Registrar or Academic Dean for guidance in this area.
  • Over the three-year period of their study, M.Div. students willusually have the opportunity to earn one or two certificates.


Bible School MinistryCredits
MCE 523 Educational Psychology3
MCE 524 Curriculum Theory & Development3
MCE 541 College Teaching3
MCE 637 Practicum in College Teaching3
One approved elective3
MIS 510 Perspectives in World Missions3
MIS 580 Cross-Cultural Communications3
MIS 567 Biblical Theology of Missions3
MIS 637 Practicum in Missions3
One Missions elective3
Christian EducationCredits
MCE 522 Foundations of Christian Education3
MCE 529 Discipleship Ministries in the Local Church3
MCE 638 Practicum in Christian Education3
Two Christian Education electives6
Pastoral CounsellingCredits
MCH 523 Pastoral Counseling3
MCH 624 Contemporary Issues in Pastoral Counselling3
MCH 637 Practicum in Counseling3
Two Counseling electives6