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APTS has a variety of housing accommodations to choose from. Spacious dormitory rooms are the usual choice of single students, though some prefer an apartment for more privacy. Married students have choices ranging from studio apartments to two-and three-bedroom units, some with stunning views of the Cordillera Mountain range. Family size usually dictates apartment preference but, if units are available, any student may rent one. (See financial information.)

Bethesda Dormitory
Student Council

For every school year, the student body members elect officers to serve on the Student Council. The Council meets periodically with the Dean of Students to discuss issues related to spiritual life, student welfare, student projects, and recreational and social activities.

The Student Council exists to promote: 

1). A spiritual atmosphere for the development of spiritual life.

 2). A social atmosphere for the encouragement of school spirit, loyalty, and fellowship among the students, and for helping to plan school social functions which relate to student affairs.

 3).  An academic interaction for the provision of a channel for the interchange of academic ideas.

 4).  An open, and healthy dialogue with the administration by providing a   communication channel.

This years theme “Arise and Shine all Nations for His Glory”, was a collaboration of vision and team inspiration. This theme seems to be fitting in the times we are now in. We need to stand firm in the midst of all that is happening and be a beacon of light for the world. We need to ‘Arise and Shine’, leading people to Christ. 

We, as the student council team, would not have made it this far had it not been for the support of the entire student body, families, faculty, missionaries, and the APTS staff. Your faith and support has been instrumental to what has been a year of challenges, that have shaped and molded us. 

Thank you and God Bless.

-The Student Council

APTS Chalice Team

Working through series of events for every school year, The Chalice team covers and documents every single event and compiles them to a  yearbook magazine. 

Working together as one team for the glory of God was an experience that we, as a team, will never forget. Together, we were able to learn and grow on the media forum. 

This year’s theme of Arise and Shine All Nations for Gods Glory’ was a theme for each member of the Chalice team. We were a team from different nations, but working towards one goal.

From the Editor in Chief, we would like to extend a huge thank you and blessings to all the students,staff and faculties for their tireless support, special mentions are dedicated to the many sponsors and supporters who donated money towards the new Chalice camera.

– The Chalice Team